Miss Hybrid Lady Of The Manor
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Miss Hybrid Lady Of The Manor

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Miss Hybrid Lady Of The Manor

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Miss Hybrid lingerie leather gloves

Felix had been out all morning. Miss Hybrid had given him a long list of things that needed to bought/collected/dropped off. On his return he deposited his assortment of bits and pieces in the kitchen and headed off to his office to check his e-mails. Or even sit and watch some porn, if he could get there without Miss Hybrid knowing he had returned.

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As he walked along the hallway he heard moaning coming from the lounge. Being well used to the comings and goings of his Mistress, Felix silently approached the lounge door which was slightly ajar. Pushing it a little further open, he was just about able to peer into the room. The sight in front of him sent his cock bursting through his pants.

Miss Hybrid leather gloves, stockings and stilettos

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Miss Hybrid was laying prone on her sofa. Her left leg lifted high over the back and her right leg down to the floor, naked except for her high black stiletto shoes. Between her legs, a young man was vigorously fucking her pussy. “Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it,” she shouted at the stud, who thrust his long cock in and out of her squelching cunt.

“Ohh, let me fuck those titties,” he said as he pulled his cock from inside her. His knees straddled Miss Hybrid’s waist as he positioned himself further up her body. Miss Hybrid raised herself up onto her elbows and spat down onto his cock which now sat between her enormous mounds. He too spat onto the end of his cock providing plenty of lubrication to his shaft and the valley between her twin peaks.

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