Hybrid Technology, Batteries Or A big Throbber
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Hybrid Technology, Batteries Or A big Throbber

hybrid technology Miss Hybrid in leathers and boots

Hybrid Technology, Battery Power Or A Big Throbber Which One To Choose?

Hybrid technology versus a big throbber.

Miss Hybrid is in the market for a new one, car that is. Should she go for one of the new eco friendly, hybrid technology, charge as you brake 70 mpg green machines. Or how about a big throbbing V8 maybe something like one of the new Ford Mustangs, a bit of an American muscle car. We know how much Miss Hybrid likes to be out in the open air top off I mean top down, actually both, so maybe it’s a convertible on the cards. Whatever it is there has to be plenty of room on the back set, leg room of course or to give the ride of their life to any lucky hitch-hikers that she should happen to pick up when feeling horny. Of course we’re not restricted to just cars Miss Hybrid also loves to get out in her leathers and boots for a run on her Harley Davidson so maybe another motorbike. I can picture Miss Hybrid now in a pair of tight racing leathers leaning over the tank, zip down revealing her ample cleavage. I digress, what to buy, Hybrid technology, eco friendly or something a bit wild and unpredictable, I think I know what’s coming to the drive of the Manor very soon.

Harley Davidson power between Miss Hybrid’s legs.

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